Alternative Wellness Solutions

Shannon is the only Certified, Advanced Natural BioEnergetics Professional in the Province of Saskatchewan. Normally she works out of the north however, to serve you better, she is now starting in-home services in Regina. Saskatoon in-home visits will be available soon. She will be available one to twice a month in the Regina area. She can also work with you to some degree online in tele-health based appointments.

Natural BioEnergetics is an advance technique that can work in a variety areas including, pain management, anxiety/depression/PTSD, accident/illness, allergy/sensitivity work, unexplained/mysterious symptom investigation and so much more. She has the ultimate wellness management approach and coaches you to help maintain yourself during and after treatment. Shannon has worked with people in all of the above areas, people with lymes, cancer and so much more.

She offers services in;
- Natural BioEnergetics
- BioResonance (a form of biofeedback)
- Ionic Foot cleanse (detoxification)

All services include Wellness coaching, empowerment and lifestyle assessment and enhancement training.

Want to give Shannon a try but unsure what you need? Give Shannon a call to arrange a FREE wellness consultation online or by phone. 306-941-0617 or email

Some of Shannon's services can be covered under some insurance plans. This, however, depends on the insurance plan itself. However, for those who don't have or cannot get coverage through their current plans, Shannon does have other membership coverage options available.

Visit for more info on those services or to book an appointment online.

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